Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Blogging elsewhere...

I've been blogging elsewhere so I thought I should add some links... I have interests in the sociology of culture around materiality, critical theory, visual media and television.

There was one on 'material interaction' - something I've been writing about for some time - that I did for Science Omega:
Why should sociology care about material interaction?

And another one on television that also went out on Science Omega:
What is Television Good For?

More recently I did one for Social Science Space:
A Sociology of Financialisation?

I've noticed a theme as I set out the titles... they are all questions that I am heroically trying to answer in a thousand words! 

Here's my University webpage with stuff about other books and research interests... I suspect eventually the blog will take over from the over-formalised university webpage:
Tim Dant profile

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